The mission of Fermes E&D LEVESQUE Potato Farms

The logo characterizes the mission and even the vision of Fermes E&D LEVESQUE Potato Farms.

The mission of the family business was born through modest beginnings in the potato industry. This mission is to ensure that high quality products are sold to consumers all over.

The stem of the potato reaching up towards the sky symbolizes the vision to keep growing further by expanding the business on the international scene.

Summing up, E&D LEVESQUE is Edmond & Daniel LEVESQUE, two brothers owning the company since 1984. Daniel’s two sons are already working and learning since 2008 and represent the 4th generation.

The company’s distribution is all over Canada & its exportations are reaching the USA & Puerto Rico. The company is foreseeing expansion overseas to push forward its vision towards new horizons.




Les Fermes E&D LEVESQUE Potato Farms
85, Chemin Desjardins
St-André, Nouveau-Brunswick, Canada E3Y 2Z9
Tél: +1-506-473-4354 | Fax: +1-506-473-9883

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