Services of Fermes E&D LEVESQUE Potato Farms 

Different potato bags for sales, distribution & exportations
Different potato bags for sales, distribution & exportations
  • We grow & package table stock potatoes for many customers all over.
  • We do potato grading.
  • We have the capacity to produce various packaging size ranging from 5 to 2500 pounds. Our state of the art equipment allows us to adapt to any new customer requirement when it comes to packaging size and weight.
  • We also grow for potato processing companies such as McCain foods and Cavendish Farms.
  • We sell and distribute our products all over Canada in grocery stores & processing factories.
  • We do the selling, distribution & even exportations abroad of our quality products.
  • Presently, we are exporting in the USA and in Puerto Rico.
  • Planning is underway to start exporting our products overseas in the years to come.
Triage de pommes de terres
Potato grading
Emballage de sacs de pommes de terre
Bag packaging potatoes
Vente pour usines de fabrication de patates de fites
Potatoes for french fries processing factories
Triage de pommes de terre
Potatoes in big bags for grading

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